Trump: Wall building soon and ahead of schedule

Donald Trump has said his controversial border wall with Mexico is going to start being built “soon” and “way ahead of schedule”.

Speaking to a conference of conservative activists, he said: “For too long the US has defended other nation’s borders while leaving ours wide open”.

The wall is aimed at “stopping the flow of illegal immigration” and “stopping the drugs pouring in”, he said.

Sky’s Siobhan Robbins, who was at the event, said: “This was essentially a speech of a returning hero, coming home bringing back the trophy.

“It turned into one of those Donald Trump campaign rallies where he listed his greatest hits.”

Mr Trump again vowed to deport illegal immigrants in the US who have committed crimes.

He told the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland that “as we speak today, immigration officers are finding gang members, drug dealers and criminal aliens and throwing them the hell out”.

He said: “We’re building the wall. It’s going to start soon, way ahead of schedule.”

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A section of the current wall between Mexico and the US

There are reports the “wall” along the US-Mexico border would be a series of fences and walls that would cost as much as $21.6bn (£17.2bn), and take more than three years to construct.

Mr Trump also pledged that “in a matter of days”, his administration will take “a brand new action” to prevent potential terrorists from entering the US.

He did not specify what that action will be, but White House officials say a new immigration ban will be brought in soon following opposition to the previous order affecting travellers from seven mainly Muslim countries.

In a wide-ranging speech, he also covered long-standing plans to repeal and replace Obamacare, rebuild the military, fix “broken trade deals”, bring back jobs, cut “wasteful spending” and rebuild inner cities.

He also stepped up his attacks on “fake news media”, saying “we have to fight it” amid damaging reports about his White House administration.

Protesters at Dallas-Forth Worth airport demonstrate against President Trump's travel ban order
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Protesters at Dallas/Fort Worth airport demonstrate against Mr Trump’s travel ban order

He again said some journalists were “the enemy of the people” and should not be able to use sources in their stories without naming them, adding: “Let their names be put out.”

Mr Trump joked: “A source said ‘Donald Trump is a horrible, horrible human being’. Let them say it to my face. Let there be no more sources.”

He acknowledged there are “talented reporters” but also claimed there are some “terrible, dishonest people” and “they do a tremendous disservice to our country”.

And he said if journalists had to name their sources “you would see stories dry up like you never seen before”.

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