Oz MP knocks himself out laughing at Veep

An Australian MP has been left with stitches after he knocked himself out while laughing at hit TV comedy Veep.

Graham Perrett, a federal Labor MP in Queensland, was eating sushi at home while watching the American political satire and “laughed at the wrong time” – causing him to choke on his dinner.

He said he ran from his living room and “somehow hit the edge of my kitchen island”, knocking himself out.

The 51-year-old was left with cuts to his face, a black eye and required three stitches in hospital.

Mr Perrett said the choking fit happened while he was watching a scene that was “totally politically incorrect but very amusing”.

“It was very bad, a lot of pain and not much fun,” he told ABC.

“My wife is still laughing…saying ‘you’re ridiculous'”

Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus said she was ‘having a hard time believing it’

The MP added that he described the accident to hospital staff as he believed “they were concerned that there was an issue”.

He said: “When I explained it to them I said it was a freak accident.

“Be careful if you’re eating watching a very funny TV show!”

Veep cast members reacted with surprise to reports of the accident, with lead star Julia Louis-Dreyfus joking on Twitter she was “having a hard time believing it”.

Mr Perrett responded to confirm it happened, adding: “Pure gold, your highness!”

Louis-Dreyfus, who is best known as Elaine in Seinfeld, replied: “Well, thank you very much.

“Take good care of yourself and for God’s sakes – be careful!”

Responding to reports of the accident, co-star Timothy Simons tweeted: “Hahahahahahaha oh my god, oh my god.”

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