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India launches record 104 satellites at one go

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India successfully launched 104 satellites in a single mission on Wednesday, setting what its space agency says is a world record of launching the most satellites at one go. Source link

Fossil shows pregnant momma sea monster with developing embryo

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An extraordinary fossil unearthed in southwestern China shows a pregnant long-necked marine reptile that lived millions of years before the dinosaurs with its developing embryo, indicating this creature gave birth to live babies rather than laying eggs. Source link

Lundbeck gives up on Alzheimer's drug, rival to Axovant pill

(Reuters) – Two remaining late-stage clinical trials testing an experimental Alzheimer’s drug from Denmark’s Lundbeck have failed, scuppering hopes for the medicine and underscoring the difficulty of developing such treatments. Source link

Swedish statistician and "edutainer" Hans Rosling dies

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Swedish academic Hans Rosling, a doctor and statistician who captured a worldwide audience with his witty style and original thinking on topics like population growth and development, has died at the age of 68. Source link